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Sitia Animal Rescue
Sitia Animal Rescue is a non profit organisation, set up in early 1990, run purely on donations and by volunteers. It was set up to care for all animals in Eastern Crete, both domesticated animals and those in the wild. We rescue abandoned and abused animals, help them heal and find them new adoptive forever homes, we also care for the dogs and cats which live on the streets and are not capable of being re-homed. There are large numbers of “feral” cats all over Greece, and Sitia has its fair share. The majority of them exist well on scraps from restaurants and tavernas during the summer, but life is more difficult for them in the winter, and it is at this time that the work of the group in feeding them is most important. Many local businesses do their share, and help by giving them food and somewhere to shelter during the winter months.
Υπεύθυνος επικοινωνίας: Sitia animal rescue
Τηλέφωνο επικοινωνίας: N/a
Email επικοινωνίας: sitianimalrescue@gmail.com
Διεύθυνση: ΣΗΤΕΙΑ
Τ.Κ.: 72300
Facebook link σελίδας: https://m.facebook.com/sitiarescue/

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